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Advice on Introducing a New Sibling, by Dr Natalie Flatter, Clinical Psychologist

Often couples hope that their newborn baby will grow into a devoted playmate and companion for their firstborn child. However, parents don’t always know how to cope with their child’s feelings about a new arrival as they try to simultaneously meet the competing demands of a baby and a young child – all whilst in […]

Safety at Home by Brian Goodwin, Pegasus Health and Safety Training

Every year over 2 million children are taken to hospital after accidents and around half of these happen at home – the most serious in the kitchen and on the stairs. Therefore, our homes can be extremely dangerous places, from baths filled with hot water to furniture at risk of being pulled over by little […]

Moving Home – Tips on Minimising Stress in Young Children by Dr Natalie Flatter, Clinical Psychologist

Young children generally thrive on routine and familiarity so moving home can be stressful. Some children love the excitement, adventure and a fresh start. Usually, unless a family are making frequent moves over long distances, children are resilient and cope well. One of the main problems with moving is that it is extremely stressful for […]

Making Science Magical for Pre-Schoolers

Pre-school age is the perfect time to encourage scientific thought, observation and experimentation. Little ones are so curious about the world, they are like sponges absorbing and noticing everything in their environment, constantly searching for answers to the plethora of questions that they ask on a daily basis and hence make the perfect mini scientists. […]

The role of a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)

Liam, our Pre-School Room Leader and SENCo at Croxley Green, has written a great article highlighting the importance of a Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator: The Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) is a vital role in every child care setting, from preschools and day nurseries, primary and secondary schools through to higher education colleges. The SENCo […]

Cooking with Children – Mother’s Day Recipes

Little ones love to cook especially if it involves licking chocolate off a wooden spoon! It’s a fantastic way to spend time with your children – it’s fun, messy and in fact a great way for them to develop their confidence, learn about healthy food choices and develop a variety of skills including: Maths (weighing […]

Encouraging A Love of Stories

Sharing books is an enjoyable way to spend time with your child, even before they can read. There are lots of ways to enjoy stories, reading books, make up your own stories, listen to audio tapes in the car as well as taking regular trips to the library, all aid this love to develop. At […]