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Educational Walks

Children love to get out and about and explore their local community. We regularly take visits around our local area to expand our children’s experiences and use these opportunities to widen our children’s learning.

A trip to the park has a wealth of educational benefits. Outdoor play allows our children more opportunity for risk taking and to extend their boundaries, challenging themselves to try new things. There are also seasonal changes to explore, and a chance to collect resources to bring back to nursery and create artwork. A visit to the duck pond is always popular. How many ducks can you see? What colours can you see?

The supermarket is a great place for children to start to put their early maths skills into practise. Children are able to count out and weigh ingredients to bring back to nursery.

At the local library children are able to explore different books and build on a love of reading. Children enjoy being read to and we are often lucky enough to have the librarian sit down and share their favourite stories with us.

Wherever the walk takes us, sharing a variety of experiences helps build relationships with our peers and carers. We are able to discuss trips, sharing our thoughts and in turn developing social and communication skills.