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Posted by B&G Marketing

Celebrating diversity in nursery

At Boys & Girls Nursery, we celebrate everybody and welcome children from a range of different cultures, religions and families.

We believe it is important to understand and embrace the diversity within our society and teach our children to respect different views, cultures, and beliefs in an age-appropriate way throughout their time at nursery with us.

The values of equality and inclusion are embedded into daily life at Boys & Girls Nursery by:

– Following our ‘golden rules’ to promote respect for each other, e.g., using kind words and kind hands

– Sharing stories that celebrate our differences and similarities. Our stories explore different home lives and promote kindness and love

– British values are embedded to promote mutual respect by encouraging children to value the thoughts and feelings of others

– Exploring different cultures and festivals, and bringing our learning to life through activities such as making and tasting different traditional foods

– Carefully selecting resources so that each child feels their culture and ethnicity is represented within nursery life

– Sharing books with both English and other languages together. Children love to learn from each other

We promote acceptance and encourage our children to love who they are. We want everyone who comes to Boys & Girls Nursery, from our children and their families, through to our hard-working team, to feel a sense of belonging and community.


Everyone is welcome, accepted, celebrated, encouraged, respected, and loved here