All-inclusive activities

All children are naturally curious, questioning and eager to learn and to encourage this curiosity the team at Boys & Girls Nursery carefully organise timetables full of different activities every day.

We also ensure that there is a balance between structured play and learning alongside child-led activities, where children can choose what they want to do.

One thing is for certain: the more variety there is on offer, the more your child will learn, and the more they will enjoy it!

Each room has zones to enjoy different activities. These include:

  • Messy area
  • Painting and drawing
  • Floor play
  • Exploring
  • Construction
  • Independent play, with jigsaws, books and board games

Children in Pre-School Room enjoy a broader range of more challenging activities as they prepare for school. Structured individual learning plans ensure they are each making strong progress towards the Early Learning Goals alongside planning devised for each child every week to give all children at Boys & Girls get the best possible foundation for learning.

As well as providing all the activities you would expect we also offer all-inclusive activities including phonics, music and movement and cooking sessions.

We believe these activities should be enjoyed by all children and are therefore provided at no extra cost.

Music and Movement

Music and movement sessions offers a fun and interactive physical workout for babies and toddlers incorporating music, bubbles and lights so even our youngest babies can join in.

We also have weekly visits from Sprog Sports and Tiny Mites, for our children to enjoy.

Phonics Classes

Our Phonics sessions open a world of Literacy to children and teach early phonics skills. Our Robot Reg classes include games and activities that teach sound recognition, alliteration and oral blending and segmenting the necessary foundations for reading and writing. The high energy class also includes activities to improve gross and fine motor skills which support a child’s handwriting. Sessions are delivered weekly to our older Pre-Schoolers and the learning is brought back into the room and incorporated into our weekly activities.

Educational Visits

Children love learning about the world around them and visits from the Fire Brigade, Police, Vets, School Crossing Patrollers, and other members of the community help them to understand the roles that important people play in our lives.


Children also enjoy learning about animals. Through our life-cycle projects and workshops, children start to develop an understanding and empathy for other creatures, finding out what they need to keep them healthy and how to care for them.

Educational walks

All of our children go for regular walks around the local area in closely supervised groups visiting the park, library and shops. Our Pre-Schoolers and older Toddlers use walking rings while our babies can often be seen out and about in our triple buggies.


Establishing healthy eating habits in young children is very important. We provide fresh, home-cooked dishes every single day that provide all the nutrients children need to stay in tip-top condition. We believe that children should also understand how food is prepared and cooked so we introduce all children to the process of cooking different dishes encouraging them all to be hands on during our cooking sessions.