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Boys & Girls Nursery enjoy a ‘Rainforest Adventure’ with ZooLab

Children from Boys & Girls Nursery welcomed some special little guests into their nursery when the Rangers from ZooLab came to visit to celebrate World Animal Day in October.

The children were transported to the Rainforest and went on an adventure to learn all about the animals that live there. They met a whole host of creatures from snails, frogs, snakes and millipedes to name a few!

The children’s curiosity shone through as they asked lots of questions and engaged in the fun and informative sessions. Some children were even brave enough to handle the animals with the support of the ZooLab Ranger!

These special visits form part of a wider set of ‘Mini VIP Events’ that Boys & Girls Nursery provide, all tied with seasonal activities or festivals.

Natasha Kirby, Director, Boys & Girls Nursery said “Thank you to ZooLab for delivering amazing sessions that really brought this topic to life. Learning through hands-on activities are perfect for young children and it showed through how engaged and enthusiastic they were during the sessions”.