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Posted by B&G Marketing

The Importance of Art for Young Children

Not only is art a fantastic opportunity for children to get messy, experiment with a variety of materials and have enormous amount of fun but it is also exceptionally important in a child’s development.

The benefits of art include the following:

Motor Skills – holding a paintbrush, practising with scissors, scribbling with colouring pencils all help develop fine motor skills in a child, thus increasing their dexterity which aids writing

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking – from choosing the materials and colours to working out how to create the picture, this decision making is a transferable skill to other areas of life

Language Development – encouraging children to discuss their artistic creation, learning words for shapes, colours and actions all increase their language and comprehension

Confidence and Emotional Development – there is no right and wrong in art, it is subjective and thus allows the child to express themselves, a positive experience that can help develop a well- rounded individual

Visual Learning and Spatial Awareness – art enables children to absorb and interpret a variety of visual stimuli and learn the relationship between objects and their surroundings

Creativity – art encourages self-expression, there are no barriers and thus they can be innovative a useful skill for later in life

Further to the benefits stated above, spending time together with your child creating art, strengthens the parent-child bond in a positive atmosphere.

Moreover, there are numerous galleries out there to be explored with little ones.

Start today and maybe one day it will be your child showcasing their art at a Summer Exhibition!