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Signs That Your Child May Need Glasses

As we know children can complain a lot, ironically they don’t often say if they are having problems with their eyes, therefore as a parent it is important to watch out for some key signs that they should get their eyes checked:

  1. If your child is squinting or closes one eye to look at objects
  2. If your child is sitting too close to watch programmes on the television
  3. If your child is skipping or losing their place whilst reading or holds a book close to their face
  4. If your child has problems with hand-eye coordination – for example, they may struggle playing ball games
  5. If your child is frequently having headaches
  6. If your child rubs their eyes regularly
  7. If your child fails to point to objects in books when asked

It is worth getting your children’s eyes tested if there is a family history of squinting or if a close relative had a lazy eye and not wait until school starts. In fact children don’t need to be able to read to have an eye examination and you can get free eye tests on the NHS, so check-ups should start as early as possible and repeat every 6 months.

If there is a problem with your child’s vision, the sooner it is identified the sooner your child will be able to get the treatment and support needed.