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Love is in the air for Boys & Girls Nursery this February

Boys & Girls Nursery are theming February a ‘Month of Love’ with so many exciting Mini VIP Events including a splash of magical love with a visit from a fairy tale character, an extra special speaker who will be talking to the children about making sure animals get the love they need and a week where loved ones can spend time reading books with the children.

It’s not just about Valentines’ Day. To start the month, grandparents and parents will be invited into the nurseries to read with the children for ‘National Storytelling Week’ – time spent enjoying a book with someone they love.

This will be followed by a visit from Jean at the RSPCA who will talk to the children about how care for pets and look after animals to celebrate ‘Love Your Pet Day’ and also ‘Hedgehog Day’.

There is also much excitement for ‘Tell a Fairy Tale Day’, as Boys & Girls Nursery will be surprising the children with a visit from a much loved fairy tale character to add a real sparkle to their day.

There’s a lot to celebrate in February including Chinese New Year and finally, who doesn’t love mouth-watering pancakes on Shrove Tuesday!