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Local Fitness Instructor Runs a Special Exercise Class for the Children at Boys & Girls Nursery

Boys & Girls Nursery have organised a special fitness session for their Pre-Schoolers led by Lee Prazer, a local father and Personal Fitness Instructor as part of their January fitness month. Furthermore, the nursery in association with Lee, are running a special fitness promotion for all parents whose children attend one of the nurseries.
Every new year people make changes to their lifestyle and resolve to increase the amount they exercise, this doesn’t have to be done individually and Boys & Girls Nursery believe that spending active time as a family is beneficial in so many ways.
The nurseries provide the children with lots of opportunity for exercise on a daily basis. Natasha Kirby, Director at Boys & Girls Nursery adds “You are never too young to start developing a positive attitude towards keeping fit and we ensure that our children enjoy plenty of active play.”