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Chicken Incubation Project – Press Release

The Pre-School rooms at Boys & Girls Nursery are filled with excitement today as they have teamed up with Aldenham Country Park to take part in a chicken incubation project!

The incubators contain seven eggs and will be set up in each Pre-School room for the children to observe for three weeks.

The team from Aldenham Country Park will visit each nursery three times throughout the project to explain what will happen to the eggs, how the chicks grow inside the eggs and how the incubator helps the process. They will bring lots of equipment, activities and ideas too. During their first visit they will be bringing a duck and a chicken with them.

Natasha Kirby, Director at Boys & Girls Nursery, explains why the nursery is involved in the project ‘We are taking part in the project to expose the children to new experiences. This is an exciting chance for our Pre-School children to learn about lifecycles and take responsibility for animals in their care. The project also links to the EYFS ‘Understanding the world’ –which aims to teach children to show care and concern for living things and the environment. The children can’t wait for the eggs to arrive and for the chicks to start hatching. We have some great activities prepared to help explain what will happen throughout the project – the team are just as excited as the children!’

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