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Chanukah celebrations

To celebrate Chanukah the children at Boys & Girls Nursery in Stanmore and Watford enjoyed visits from Rabbi Mendel Lew, Stanmore & Canons Park Synagogue and Rabbi Nick Kett, Bushey United Synagogue.

The Pre-Schoolers thoroughly enjoyed their sessions as they were told the story of Chanukah, where the festival originated from and why it is celebrated. The Rabbis spoke about Menorahs and explained the story behind them. They also talked about traditional foods that are eaten during Chanukah including Latkes and doughnuts. The children then had the opportunity to make their own Menorahs in a great interactive session that was enjoyed by all.

Natasha Kirby, Director, Boys & Girls Nursery said: “It is important to teach our children about different religions and these interactive visits are a great way to do just that!’’

These visits are part of our wider set of ‘Mini VIP Events’ that Boys & Girls Nursery organise each month which co-insides with seasonal activities and days of interest.