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Boys & Girls Nursery participated in a ‘Tough Mudder’ Challenge and raised £4,000 for Watford General Hospital’s Children’s Accident & Emergency Department

Boys & Girls Nursery took part in the ‘Tough Mudder’ Challenge to raise money for Watford General Hospital’s Children’s Accident & Emergency Department. They did fantastically well and completed the course in 5 hours 40 minutes and have raised over £4,000 at the last count!

After training hard, the team pulled together and helped each other out to ensure that the majority completed the course. It was certainly the ultimate challenge, from the slippery mud to the obstacles that tested everyone to the limit. Natasha Kirby, Director, Boys & Girls Nursery, proudly said “A gruelling 5 hours, including ice cold water, electric shocks and extremely high walls. It’s all about working together as a team and I am so proud of the team who participated. We had a great day and I would like to thank everyone who donated and gave money to this vital service for our local community”.

We are still collecting money and would really appreciate any small contribution. Please do visit our JustGiving Page: