SchoolReady Programme

There are a lot of misconceptions about what is expected of children when they are at nursery, especially as they reach 4 years old and school is on the horizon! Here at Boys & Girls Nursery our SchoolReady programme is fully embedded in our Pre-School rooms, ensuring your child will leave us prepared for their next adventure to school.

Reading and writing:

During their time at nursery with us, there are opportunities to develop the foundations of literacy in order to help prepare them for reception.

Independence and responsibility:

Children are encouraged to develop their own independence and a sense of responsibility.

Attention skills:

We provide an environment that is age appropriate and encourages sitting for a short period at a time.

Take a look at our video which shows how we prepare our children for school at Boys & Girls Nursery

Early Years Education Coordinator

Kelly is our Early Years Education Coordinator and has been part of the Boys & Girls Nursery family since 2007. Kelly is Level 5 qualified and has over 20 years’ experience in Early Years, she oversees all aspects of our School Ready Programme.

Kelly works closely with our teams to ensure our provision challenges creativity, curiosity and imagination, whilst encouraging children to develop a healthy ‘can do’ attitude to learning in order to nurture confident life-long learners.

Kelly’s expertise is Pre-School and she inspires the team to create a nurturing, challenging and rich learning environment for our older children so they are curious and confident when approaching new learning.


Transition to School

We have strong relationships with our local schools and maintain regular contact with them. When your child is ready to move on to their new school, we provide their class teacher with relevant information to ensure their smooth transition into their new environment.

We also welcome teachers from your child’s new school into nursery in order to observe them and share information ready for the next step of their education.

Parent Partnership

We hold regular open morning and afternoon sessions, where you can join your child in nursery to see what activities they enjoy and meet their nursery friends.

In addition to this, we hold a Parents Evening in May, where you can spend time with your child’s key person and discuss their individual learning plan.

Our Meet the Team event in November is a great opportunity to not only meet the team, but also other parents in your child’s room.