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Posted by Katie oGrady

Keeping children safe at a festival

It’s that time of year when there are numerous festivals around the country to be enjoyed. There are some fantastic child friendly events from Bestival to Starry Skies which incorporate a variety of child friendly activities. A perfect time which can be enjoyed by all the family if you ensure you take all the right measures to make sure your children feel safe, secure and know exactly what to do if they do get lost amongst the crowds.

Firstly it is vital to do your research and find a festival that appeals to the whole family, also consider letting your children listen to the music you are going to hear so that they can learn the words and familiarise the tunes, this will encourage them on the day to sing and dance along.

Here are some of the top tips from a festival welfare expert Angel Gardens founder, Angel Sam Festival:

  1. If your festival has a child registration scheme please use it.
  1. Discuss different scenarios of what would happen if you can’t find mummy and daddy, repeat the conversation but please note, speak calmly and don’t create fear in the child’s mind.
  1. Once you arrive on site show them key landmarks so they can locate your tent and also introduce them to safe adults like the staff at the Welfare/Lost Children points, this will help them feel confident enough to speak to them if they were to get lost.
  1. Write your mobile number on your child’s arm out of sight or inside their wristband – make sure it is legible each day. Please switch on the vibrate facility on your mobile phone, in case you don’t hear it! Check your phone signal. It is also worth remembering that after a few days the wristband might have almost worn away. If your child can use a walkie-talkie these are a great idea.
  1. Dress your children in something bright and take a photo of them each morning, this will help if you need to describe them.
  1. If your child goes missing please head straight to the lost children’s point and stay there with the staff.

Festivals are fun – remembering these few tips could make all the difference!

(some of the content used in this blog has been sourced from the festivalkidz website)