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Posted by Katie oGrady

Introducing a New Baby

Introducing a new baby into the family is an exciting time, however it can be a little daunting for an older sibling. Understandably they are nervous about the impact a new baby will bring and how it will affect current relationships. After all they have had all the attention until now and they don’t necessarily want this to change.

It is therefore important to take steps that can make the transition a little smoother, starting from telling them the news in very simple terms and not too soon! Including your child in any scans and appropriate pre-natal visits can also help the process, especially seeing any pictures and feeling the baby kicking makes it seem a little more real.

When it is time to pack your bags ready for hospital, plan lots of fun activities for your child/children with their favourite people, maybe baking a cake with aunty or going on a special trip with grandpa.

Once at home allow them to help with the new baby, making sure you give them lots of attention and praise. It is also vital to ensure you spend one-to-one time with the older sibling and highlight any talents they may have that one day they can share with their younger sibling.

Of course there will be times when they are frustrated and feel upset, so be prepared to be sympathetic and some can regress, but please don’t worry this is very common, just make sure you are there for them and give baby to Daddy for a while, if you can.

With a third baby due soon, Natasha Kirby, Director of Boys & Girls Nursery, has noted some top tips that she will be using on the arrival of her new born, based on her previous experience:

  • The girls will go to the shop en-route to the hospital, to pick up a gift of their choice for the new baby which they’ll give it to her when they first see her.
  • I have a gift for my two girls in my hospital bag from the baby, they’ll be waiting for them in the baby’s hospital crib.
  • I’ll make sure I’m not holding the baby when the girls arrive, they’ll get to coo over her in her crib, whilst I can give them cuddles and my full attention.
  • From previous experience they can get bored very quickly because the baby doesn’t do much, so I’ve also packed some snacks and a colouring book to keep them busy!
  • The girls have both decorated a vest with fabric pens which we’ll dress the baby in.
  • I’ll allow the girls to hold her, supervised, from the go. It’s important that there are no barriers for them, so they can bond and snuggle up.