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Posted by Katie oGrady

Potty training

Potty training is something that, as parents, we all go through at some stage and many of us dread! At Boys & Girls Nursery we have lots of children potty training at the same time and we fully support our parents through this stage with their children. Here are some suggestions to try at home when your little one shows signs of being ready:

  • Language – the whole process will be a lot easier if your child has the language skills to express to you what they need to do
  • Dryness – if their nappies are dry for more than 2 hours at a time and sometimes through the night then they are demonstrating signs of bladder control
  • Potty – buy a potty (or two) and keep them within reach when you are in the house and garden. Travel potties are great for taking out with you too
  • Underwear – take a ‘special’ trip to the shops to buy your child their big boy / girl pants – making a big deal out of their new underwear will make them want to wear it even more
  • Reward chart – buy a sticker chart from your local shop (if you are feeling creative you can make your own) and stock up on little prizes that your child will appreciate – colouring books, crayons, small toys and age appropriate treats. The key to successful potty training is rewarding!
  • Clear your diary – clear three to five whole days and try to stay at home. The first few days will be a test but as hard as it may seem at times focus on the task at hand and you will succeed.