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Posted by Katie oGrady

Footiebugs – inspiring children to be physically and emotionally active – Paul Biggs

Hi my name is Paul I am 40 years of age, father of two boys aged 1 and 9, engaged to be married next year to my best friend and the second most important thing to me after my family is sport. At the top of my love of sport is football and I have participated on some level my entire life. Mostly as a player but I have refereed, coached and managed teams of all abilities and ages. I have even helped administrate clubs at Junior level as a club secretary (not the most glamorous or appreciated jobs but a very important one).

Out of all these roles coaching children has been the most rewarding and when I commit to something it is important to me that I do it the right way. To me the right way to coach children is by making it fun and the football totally inclusive allowing everyone to benefit from the game regardless of gender or ability (‘GIVING THE GAME BACK TO THE CHILDREN’).

When I found FootieBugs I couldn’t believe that here is a company that not only matches my passion for inspiring children to be physically and emotionally active, they also had the backing of top professionals in and around the game. All of the programmes are designed by a team of specialist doctors, physiotherapists, top education consultants and includes guidance from FootieBugs Ex England International and premiership footballer, Lee Hendrie.

I was completely hooked and was determined to bring FootieBugs to Watford. FootieBugs is the first truly all inclusive, all inspiring football themed class that is enjoyed by all regardless of gender or ability. The emphasis is on learning through fun and interactive classes, engaging children on their level and building up confidence and self esteem in the process.

Classes are currently running Saturdays from 0930 at Watford Leisure Centre ‘Central’ for boys and girls aged 3-5.

Don’t forget if you sign up through Boys & Girls Nursery you can enjoy a 10% discount by adding the code BG2014