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Boys & Girls Nursery – Myths & Truths

There are lots of misconceptions about what is expected of children when they are at nursery, especially as they reach 4 years old and school is on the horizon! Here are some myths and truths about what is expected of our Pre-School children!

Myth Truth
Children must be able to read and write before they start school Children need to enjoy learning, have a can-do attitude and be confident in their approach to activities, they do not need to know how to hold a pencil correctly let alone write their name to be ‘school ready’. Children should enjoy books from a young age and will learn to recognise the meaning of text as part of loving to share a book. Reading and sharing books is an important part of our daily routine at Boys & Girls Nursery.
Children should sit at a table and be taught No! Small children should not be sat at tables, they should be exploring, jumping, experimenting, questioning and enjoying their learning! If an activity takes place at a table, great, but the majority of our learning happens whilst looking for bugs in the garden, lying on our tummies reading books and in the sand pit pouring & measuring. Our ‘Learning through Play’ ethos at Boys & Girls Nursery fully supports this.
Children should be toilet trained before they start reception Ideally, yes, but it is not a condition of starting school. We will support your child and implement reward systems that you can continue at home which the school will then support too.
Children should know their phonics Teaching phonics starts at Reception, children at the age of 4 are only starting to grasp the understanding of phonics, the English language is very complex and teachers have robust system that is used throughout infant school.
Children should be independent True but children should also be able to integrate with their peers, share, be kind and respect each other – all of which is included in our daily play at Boys & Girls Nursery.