Age groups

All children are cared for in age-specific rooms – Babies, Pre-Toddler (at selected nurseries), Toddler and Pre-School – each of which is equipped with appropriate toys and easy access to stimulating activities and play areas. The age ranges below are a guideline as we focus on individual needs rather than fixed age bands and we would never move a child up to the next room until they are completely ready.

Baby Room (3 months – 12 months)

Our independent Baby Rooms are designed specifically so that even the youngest children in our care can have lots of fun at nursery. There are also plenty of opportunities to sleep in the quiet area as our cots offer a home from home environment.

Pre-Toddler Room (12 months – 24 months)

The Pre-Toddler rooms are large, open-plan areas that give your child the space they need while they are finding their feet. The rooms are organised in a way that despite having plenty of space they still offer our younger children the sense of security.

Toddler Room (2 – 3 years)

Our Toddler Rooms offer the ideal environment for inquisitive children to have lots of fun and to learn new skills. The quiet corner ensures there are plenty of opportunities to rest during a fun-filled day.

Pre-School Room (3 – 5 years)

The Pre-School Rooms are divided into specific learning zones, enabling children to take part in activities that promote lots of different skills as well as encouraging them to become a little more independent in preparation for school.

from 3 months to pre-school