About Us

Hi I’m Natasha, Founder and Director of Boys & Girls Nursery.

As a parent myself, I know we all want the very best for our children and when we can’t be with them, we need to be absolutely certain they’re receiving care and attention from a team of highly qualified, caring professionals who enjoy their job.

I established the first Boys & Girls Nursery in 2007 because I’m passionate about working with children and identified that a better service for childcare should be available.

The creation of Boys & Girls Nursery has been born out of hard work and a desire to make sure that only the best care is available for your children and I am extremely proud of the team that provide this at our nurseries.

Together, we’ve been able to create a uniquely nurturing and informal environment and have established a reputation as a leading childcare provider in the areas we operate.

At Boys & Girls Nursery we have a long list of things we care about and at the top of the list are our boys and girls. We understand that no two children are the same, and that they all have their own likes, dislikes and personalities. By caring for and meeting the needs of every individual to the best of our ability, we know every child can flourish, learn and have fun whilst enjoying a sense of belonging and community.

Our aim is to nurture and develop each and every single child so that when they leave us to move on to the next step in their education, they do so with confidence in themselves, their abilities and the knowledge that learning is fun.

If you would like to discuss your child’s individual requirements, we are always happy to talk these through with you.

from 3 months to pre-school